EROS Bicycle Electrification System

--> EROS is a product designed to provide modern, pollution-free transportation at an affordable cost for city streets and country roads. Energy for battery recharge can be derived from many sources; alternating current mains, regenerative braking, solar cells, or exercise pedal power.

--> EROS installs easily on most bikes to create an electric drive system to extend and enhance the usefullness of 2 or 3 wheel pedal powered vehicles for individual transport and exercise. EROS uses existing, locally produced bicycles or tricycles as inexpensive motion platforms.

--> Envision yourself being quietly propelled along streets or roads and having that extra help climbing hills or slowing down on steep grades while charging the battery. Enter the world of electric vehicles in economy and style while reducing pollution and energy consumption.

* Top speed - 14 MPH/22KPH
on level grade with no pedaling.

* Range 8 Miles/13 Kilometers
with no pedaling on flat ground
(using included 13 Ampere hour

* Weight - Adds 12 pounds/5.4kG to
bicycle system (normal motor).

* Drive - Permanent magnet direct
current long life motor rated at
250 Watts (optionally 400 Watts)
with a coated steel drive roller.

* Relay controller standard.

* Battery - 13 Ampere hour gelled
electrolyte/sealed leadacid with
200 to 500 cycle life. 6 month
manufacturers warantee.

* Battery charger - 1.5 Amps - 8
hour recharge (included). 3.0
Ampere - 4 hour charge optional.

* Battery chargers operate from
115 Volts or 230 Volts, 50/60
Hertz AC
* Simple screwdriver installation
ready to ride in 10 minutes

* Safe, silent system operation with
cycle brake override

* Regenerative braking charges
battery on downhill grades & limits
speed to a safe 18 MPH/29 KPH

* Rugged, lightweight ABS plastic
battery box mounts on seat tube.

* Long life, sealed batteries are a
locally replaceable commodity
item and may be charged by a
12 Volt solar system.

* Batteries may be recharged by
pedalling on a bicycle stand.

* Battery charger included provides
8 hour recharge time

* Battery pack easily replaced

* 1 year warrantee on system.
(battery warrantee from mfgr)

* Battery box easily removeable
to disable bike's use or to
recharge batteries separately


The basic EROS system ready to install with batteries and charger is $199.00

400 Watt motor version is $219.00. Upgrade to 3 Ampere charger for $20.00

Remote cable lift-off for motor: $20.00, Indoor power stand for excercise training: $40.00

Variable load generator to adjust excercise load/battery charge rate at low speeds: $50.00

Custom configurations available (dual motors, accessories, electronic speed controller, etc) consult factory for further information; fax or write:

Omni Instruments, POB 96, Albion, CA 95410

Order Line, Fax (707)937-0603