Omni Instruments Profile

Omni Instruments is an 18 year young technology application organization dedicated to creating products and services that further social and ecological well-being on a local and planetary basis. We believe that our process facilitates furtherance of social causes by our attitudes and approaches. We are committed to maintaining proficiency in electronic and mechanical fields for light transport system design and associated marketing and management. We believe that only through the vision of a generalist can the full value of changing technology be successfully applied to the needs of the public ecology.
Concurrent with that professional overview we share a deep commitment to facilitation of community action in our work process and in the appropriate application of the technology to the needs of evolving civilization. This commitment pervades our work process and creates a sense of mission in our ongoing efforts.
That said, we have a number of technical assets such as:

Omni also maintains a business environment to allow sufficient support for our technical efforts such as: These aspects have arisen from our efforts in the following areas: We maintain a strong connection with our community through participation in environmental and ecological efforts at 10% of our time and do profit share. Our business goal is to continue and strengthen our on-going efforts and increase involvement with like-minded futurists for the benefit of ourselves and the planet.
We live in the most interesting time since history began. With individual access to more information than we could ever dream about 30 years ago, we find ourselves faced with an awesome responsibility: to change the way we act, or to watch the planet deteriorate. My personal insights into our wounded ecology has been growing since childhood when I found myself riding trolleys out of dreary neighborhoods to the sanctum of the upper Charles River basin in Boston. Only there could I discover the wonders of the natural world for myself.