ElectriLite - Hybrid Light Community Electric Vehicle - by Omni Instruments


Greetings CEV fan. After 5 years and a lot of energy, the vehicle of our dreams is about to become available to community builders. The ElectriLite design has been driven by a strong need for community autonomy in creating and maintaining a transportation infrastructure supporting energy and economically sustainable communities. more

Operating Principles: The ElectriLite is intended to be built in virtually any community using local resources and capital. The frame/body can be fabricated with a minimum of fixturing and tools present in most small shops. Key parts in suspension and propulsion will be manufactured by multiple sources or can be created by high-tech local fabricators. A glance at the image at the right will give you a fair estimate of the simplicity and produceability of the basic platform built primarily with a cutoff saw, pipe bender, drills, and one trip to a local sheet metal shop. Preliminary Specifications:

Mechanical: * Construction- aluminum tubing welded thru aluminum bulkheads *Curb Weight- 350# (300 in production) *Wheelbase- 90 *Tread- 50 *Height 54 *Suspension- Front- Air/Mechanical spring shock, parallel arm, cantilever steering with 24 wheels (Joystick Controlled), Rear- dual shock trailing arm with 24 wheel more

Propulsion: * Currently single, rear drive Brushless NFeB magnet motor drawing 75Amperes (max) at 48Volts. Production will be two (or 3) hub motors at 50A/48V each. Controllers provide incremental throttle with regenerative throttled braking more

Performance: Max Speed- 40mph *Cruise 1.2kw & 50 mile range using 40AH lead acid batteries alone

Features: Pedal Generators- 600 watts peak *Solar panels- up to 500Watts mountable *Fuel Cell available at the 1-2kw range *Electrical system- 12v standard, LED lights, non-propulsion power controlled by a multi-use PC (USB) with full personal use more

Pricing: $10/pound but not to exceed $5000



Next: We are now searching for gentle capital to document and build 10 solid prototypes to act as samples for evaluation towards beginning local production in communities in the Americas. Nominal cost for this finalizing process is expected to be $25,000 per prototype vehicle. This will include outsourcing the design/ development of the hub motors which technology has recently become available in the appliance marketplace making the probable application costs low. more


Call BC Macdonald 707-937-4352 to participate

Omni Instruments, POB96, Albion, CA 95410

omni@mcn.org http://omni.mcn.org/