Biofeedback Products and Information


Mood Singer - True Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) reporter in an attractive wood case (2' by 2" by 5/8" thick which attaches to index and middle finger with an attractive Velcro strap. The normally quiet unit reports individual reaction to tension (above a preset threshold) with an increasing pitch tone. Mood Singer requires no adjustments and has a short learning cycle. Automatic power control turns unit on only when worn and battery life is over 400 hours. The Mood Singer costs $49.00 in single quantity.

BioSonde - A hand-held, computerized, multi-modality biofeedback system for the clinician and field application. Unit consists of a plug-in analog input section with operating program and a computing section with keyboard and 8 digit alpha-numeric display (.8" high light emitting diode). Plug-in supplied provides Basal Skin Resistance, GSR, ElectroMyoGram (EMG), and two temperature channels. The processor used is Z80 and provides audio, visual and data output as feedback sources and for remote data collection. All feedback modalities are selectable and multiple modality feedback with musical tone and light (goal directed) may be set up with several keystrokes. The BioSonde is packaged in an oak case (10.5" by 5.5" by 3.5') and weighs 3.3 Lb. with 4 hours of rechargeable gell-cell batteries. With all electrodes and transducers, battery charger, 12 Volt adapter, instruction manual and accessory pouch the BioSonde costs $1095.00

Aquarius 1001DT Brain Wave Analyzer (2 - used and freshly calibrated): A single channel training system with discreet limits for Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Beta training. Feedback may be selected for either category and may consist of frequency modulated brain wave tone of a variable tone. Status of the categories is available to a computer via logic compatible outputs; percent time in the selected category is available as a panel meter reading and is also available to a computer. The 1001DT is packaged in an oak box (9" by 13" by 6'") weighing 6 Lb. comes with electrodes and manual. Cost for this classic instrument is $795.00 each or $1400.00 for both.


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